• Carson Wolfe

An Inquiry into Gender Dysphoria - Exhibition

Updated: May 21, 2020

A series of paintings created in Hurricane, Utah during a gender whirlwind experienced whilst travelling with my wife and two children. The work was later exhibited at Stretford Public Hall 2019.

Unbound + Bound - Acrylic Body Press on Poster Paper

The body prints are an exploration of my chest in its original state juxtaposed with the kinesiology tape I sometimes use to bind.

Self Portrait - Acrylic on Poster Paper

These paintings were created from a dysphoric place. I was feeling chaotic, lost and creative; so I rushed to Walmart and bought some kids paint & 30 cent poster paper. The result is what you see here.

Stretford Public Hall - November 8th 2019

Shortly after returning to the U.K I was invited to exhibit my new work as part of a community event in Stretford, Manchester.

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