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Updated: May 10, 2020

An inquiry into how my art has developed over the years through the re-visitation of my earliest work.

Wonderwoman & Catwoman - Acrylic on Canvas (2014)

The first piece I ever sold was a comic style painting of Batman & Catwoman kissing. At the time, I was very much conforming to the gender role prescribed to me at birth whilst simultaneously upholding patriarchal ideologies through my heterosexual lifestyle. This caused an inner conflict that resulted in a miserable and damaging reality. However, art gave me an outlet to express myself from the barriers I had confined myself within. This began to be explored with Wonderwoman & Catwoman.

I had spent years denying that I was a ‘lesbian’, so the moment before sharing this painting on social media filled me with so much panic that I was almost sick. I was so wrapped up with what people would think of me. It is wild to reflect on that time now, largely because I just don’t give a flying shit what anyone thinks about me.

Shibari Woman - Acrylic on Canvas (2014)

As I became more confident in my expression I began to really fixate on the female body/sexuality. Later, my work was noticed by Nick Hopkins, who for a short while before he passed from this life became my art dealer; purchasing originals and distributing prints globally. Nick introduced me to the world of BDSM & Erotica which has been a massive influence to my work. After his death I began getting more involved in the community and taking part in events where I sold my work directly.

London Comic-Con (2014) Club Lash (2015)

Club MARS (2015)

Erotic Portrait Commissions

My presence on the scene quickly gained momentum with people requesting personal and empowering portraits of themselves in my simplistic monochrome style.

I found a lot of inspiration in graphic novels, specifically through artists like Frank Miller and Alan Moore. I loved the simplicity, so I started telling my own stories through comic boards and lots of ink.

I had found success in selling the art I was making, but I didn’t feel happy. I found that I had pigeon holed myself into one particular genre/style, and this hole largely focused on the narratives of Eurocentric, white, heterosexual bodies/relationships. Whenever I painted something queer, it was femme lesbians for the male gaze. Whenever I painted something that subverted beauty standards, it was a big deal.

Shibari woman - Acrylic on Wood

by 2015 I was pretty much done hiding. I couldn’t continue In the life I was living. I sold everything I owned and took (my then 3 year old) daughter to the foothills of the Andalusian mountains to live a simple life as part of a women’s holistic birthing community. I completely ditched all of my clients, I took space from the BDSM scene and the events I was exhibiting at. As far as I was concerned, the most important thing was growing my armpit hair and finding happiness.

After a week, we left the commune and travelled far and wide through Europe. I never in my wildest dreams thought I was capable of doing something so wild and so brave, especially with a small child. This experience broke the mould that I was stuck in back home, life as I knew it had changed forever.

We returned after 3 months, I came out to my family & friends. I saved and saved and saved, and the next spring, we flew to the USA for a bigger and crazier adventure.

Traveller - Watercolour on Paper

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